michal valta

Founder and CEO of the viaGood project
President of viaGood Foundation

Michal Valta (born September 9, 1977) is a photographer, traveler, writer, successful entrepreneur and founder of the viaGood philanthropic project, a social network designed to improve the world.
Michal Valta wrote his first book at the age of 13. His second book, which he wrote at the age of 25, gives an account on his first trip to South Africa. It is titled “Vánoce v JARu” (Christmas in South Africa) and was published in the Czech language in two editions.
He wrote his latest book during his visit to China in 2014.
The book “Vánoce v JARu” is available for purchase here.
Michal Valta started his business activities at the age of 16. In 1997, while still at high school, he founded the RealPC project – software (B2B, CRM) for real estate agencies – which he successfully sold four years later.
After two years of travel and organizing exhibitions of his photographs, he founded the viaReality project in Olomouc – advertising magazines, a web portal and a mobile application with the offer of real estate in the Czech Republic and abroad.
He has collaborated with international brands such as RE/MAX and Century 21. He became the second most successful in his segment in the Czech Republic. During this time, he and his team actively worked with more than 400 advertisers, managed over 2 500 subscription points and issued more than 10 million copies of viaReality magazine. He successfully sold the project in 2017. Since then, he has been involved exclusively in the viaGood philanthropic project.
In 2017, Michal Valta founded the viaGood philanthropic project in Silicon Valley, California. Thanks to technology, this project connects people who wish to protect Nature, help endangered animals and people in need. His aim is to unite millions of people in an effort to improve the world.
A serious accident, in which he almost lost his life, also played a role on his pathway to this project.
Michal and his team have been supported in their efforts to make the world a better place by a number of important personages, including several experienced investors, who, like Michal, believe in the objectives of the viaGood project.